The Upstairs Downstairs intrance

The Base Kit


This kit includes sufficient pieces to build what we describe as the 'traditional' configuration. 

This is 3 intrances in the bottom brood box and an extra intrance to be placed above, in the second box (brood box or super).

Base Kit + 4 (replicates the natural colony entrance using propolis)


The extra intrances provide a mechanism to enhance hive dynamics, allowing for a more natural nest structure, easier access to supers and decreased swarming impulses due to decreased congestion of the brood area.

Hive Modifications


Hives can be adapted in many ways with the benefit that each intrance is easy to guard.

There is no need to use a shim for an extra entrance and intrances can be opened and closed as required making splits or divisions easier to manipulate.



There are many benefits:

  •  ability to place a brood box directly on a board, thereby negating the need for a standard floor.
  • Increased pollination and honey production (foragers recruit 3 times more foragers on honey comb than on brood comb)
  • Decreased robbing 
  • Improved hive protection from wasps

The First Major Entrance Innovation in 170 years


Bee colonies differ in size, temperament and productivity. Apart from some small variations in bee hive size, all the entrances are found at the bottom of the hive and tend to be too large.

Towards a more Natural Hive


The Intrance (modified entrance) replicates the natural colony entrance using propolis, enhancing hive hygiene, productivity, calmness and management.